Breeding Muscovy Ducks

Breeding Muscovy Ducks - Important Tips Before You Start Rearing Ducks

Muscovy ducks breeding is one of the best options for any person searching to raise poultry that are easy to take care of and resist diseases. They are hardy and healthy; they search for food by themselves and multiply very fast. Their meat has low fat content and is very tasty and requires less time to cook as compared to meat from other types of ducks. A Muscovy duck has a large patch of inflated red skin over their bill and around their eyes and may be white, blue, chocolate, greenish black, or a blend of these colors.
For Muscovy ducks breeding, you do not require a pond nearby, what is important is that you provide them with clean drinking water. You may need to give them special attention but only for a short time during the first few weeks while they are still young. The ducklings will require warmth and shelter during the first two weeks until they develop feathers therefore, providing them with a small shelter to protect them from harsh weather elements is essential.

Muscovy ducks breeding requires one to ensure that the ducklings are kept far away from ponds and streams as their bodies must not come into contact with water until the time when they are at least 3 weeks old and have developed feathers. You can put them in a small secure area with a lot of grass, green weeds, and insects and provide them with clean water in small containers that are shallow for them to reach the water.

Muscovy ducks usually eat grass as well as other types of vegetation and they can search for their food by themselves, however when you feed them with foods rich in protein during their early life, usually the first 2 weeks, they will grow very fast. When you are practicing Muscovy ducks breeding, you can feed them on chicken growing mash, broiler starter mash, and cooked soybean meal, cooked eggs that has been chopped into tiny pieces or wastes from the kitchen. Do not feed them on any type of medicated feed as this may cause them to become sick.

The practice of Muscovy ducks breeding does not make a person worry about taking care of the ducklings as their mothers are capable of providing them with good care. Their eggs usually take a long time to hatch as compared to other types of poultry as their hatching time is approximately 33-35 days. The chances of a Muscovy duck laying her eggs in a nest box that is dark inside is high, therefore you can make a simple nest box by tying one end of grass bundles and spreading the bottom end to form a cone and then place the nest in a secure place around the house or inside the duck pen. Alternatively, you may employ metal buckets or wooden crates for them to use as their nests.

Muscovy ducks breeding is a very beneficial business as you are able to get quick returns on your investments. A duck can lay up to 20 eggs and she can sit on about 15-18 eggs. The extra eggs can be removed and placed under a broody chicken for them to hatch. At times the males can be aggressive and may hurt or kill the ducklings, always ensure that the males are separated from the ducklings, but generally most of the times Muscovy ducks are usually quiet.


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