Feeding Ducks

Feeding Ducks - Getting Started the Right Way in Raising Ducks That Grow Up Healthily


feeding ducksWhen it comes to raising ducks, you, as their caretaker, should be able to provide them with good nutrition. This ensures that they grow up healthy for maximum efficiency and reproduction. Most ducks are reared in farms, however, there are also a number of them that are raised in open ponds at the park. People erroneously think that the only suitable food for ducks is bread and/or bread crumbs. However, this is not entirely true, ducks need a balanced diet just like all creatures do.

In feeding ducks, many duck caretakers resort to buying feed that have high nutritional value. However, selecting which feed to buy can be challenging. Firstly, you want to find one that is within your budget. There are feeds available to suit the needs of your ducks and some can be more expensive than others. To save on costs, many people have resorted to mixing feeds themselves. Not only is it cheaper, but they can personally monitor the feeds this way to ensure its quality. Feeds should be stored properly and kept away from contamination. They should also be consumed before its expiration date.

On the other hand, people who keep ducks as pets may not find it convenient to buy feeds for them. As an alternative, they can be given scraps of left over food or small insects that can be found in your backyard. But what do ducks eat?

Feeding ducks with vegetables may be a good idea since this food contains plenty of nutrients. You should take note however that not all vegetables can be fed to them. Ducks prefer leafy vegetables and can even eat fallen leaves and grass that can be found in your backyard.

Ducks are popularly known to be a valuable pet because they eat parasites that can found in the garden. Small insects and mollusks are ideal food to give them. These foods can also be found in various pet stores which make feeding ducks easier.

Certain breeds of ducks can also eat meatier food. Feeding ducks worms and even fish is enough to sate their appetite. Other ducks can also eat small frogs, tadpoles and frog eggs. Since these amphibians can be found in nearby streams and ponds, providing them to your pet duck will not be a problem.


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