What To Feed Baby Ducks

What to Feed Baby Ducks - What You Need to Know If You Want Your Ducklings to Stay Alive and Healthy


what to feed baby ducksDucks are becoming more and more popular as choices for pets these days. There are many reasons for this. For one, it doesn't take a lot of money to keep ducks. They are considerably cheaper than cats and dogs. Ducks are also harmless compared to their venomous counterparts, like certain reptiles and vermin. And of course, who can deny the fact that ducks are simply adorable? Their furriness and small size are enough to make anyone want to cuddle and play with them.

But it still takes work to keep ducks. What to feed baby ducks is one of the most important issues that you need to address if you want your ducklings to stay alive and healthy. But before you find out what to feed baby ducks, first know how to store your ducklings in a properly heated space. Your ducklings won't have any chance at all of surviving if they are not secured in a warm, brooding area. A cardboard box will do, but make sure that it has its own heating source, such as a light bulb, and that it can't be reached by potentially harmful animals, such as other pets you have or pests around the house. You can place an absorbent bedding to keep them comfortable, but don't use straw or hay because they pose real danger when your ducklings mistake them for food and try to chew them off.

Now that they're settled in their own brooding space, you can concentrate on what to feed baby ducks. The proper feed is essential to raise healthy, active ducklings. For the first weeks, go for unmedicated duck starter, which you can easily purchase from your local pet store or online. Slowly, introduce finely chopped fruits and vegetables (to accommodate their lack of teeth) into their diet. Ducks like green plants, from fresh weeds to pre-packed dried leaves. Ducks are also known to enjoy worms and small insects.

Now that you know what to feed baby ducks, the process won't be complete without water. Ducks are water creature, but baby ducks are at risk of drowning. Refrain from using deep water containers, as your ducks may fall into the water and catch a cold or drown. A good water container is one that has a jar that dispenses water into the round moat surrounding it.



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